Peruvian Cotton

Peruvian (Pima, ELS) Cotton is luxurious, beautiful, natural, strong, and durable, what more can we ask of a fiber for clothing? These “soft as a cloud” fabrics are the ultimate in softness, luster, and luxurious feel. The fact that the fabric wears and lasts like iron is an important, but less glamorous feature.

Peru is known as the ancestral source of all fine, long fiber cottons. Egyptian cotton and Sea Island cotton, both considered to be luxury fibers, were originally derived from Peruvian cotton. The long staple cotton grown in Peru remains as the standard against which all other cottons are measured.

All garments offered in this collection are made from 100% Peruvian cotton. These garments have a wonderfully soft hand (“hand” is a term used to describe the feel of a fabric) and seem to almost glow with an amazing soft luster.

The long staple and fiber strength of Peruvian cotton makes these garments stronger than usual cotton clothing.  They wear better, longer and are resistant to deterioration  Simply put, they last longer than less expensive clothing.

The name “Pima” and designation “ELS” are American derived. Pima stems from honoring the Pima Indians who helped raise long staple cotton on experimental farms in Arizona in the early 1800s. ELS is simply a USDA designation that indicates “extra long staple” cottons.

Peruvian Cotton is hand picked, which means that there is less debris, fewer scratchy husks in the finished fabric. Hand picking adds to the the softness and smoothness of Peruvian Cotton.

There are many ELS cottons and several Pima cottons, but only one is truly Peruvian Cotton.

Enjoy the luxury and durability of true Peruvian Cotton in this clothing we offer for your lasting pleasure.

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