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Vests are popular as western wear, formal wear, and as work attire. In the U.S. we use the name “vest” most often to refer to a sleeveless garment worn over a shirt as an “under-jacket.” Although the term “vest” can also mean an undershirt, an undergarment, a sleeveless pull-over normally made of absorbent cotton, this is not a common usage in the U.S. What Americans refer to as a vest is usually called a waistcoat in Europe.

A western vest may be constructed of any of several types of material. Choice of material often depends upon the intended use but in many cases can be based entirely on fashion. Cotton, silk, wool, canvas, satin, leather, and pelts are all common materials for making vests.

Vests probably originated as work clothing. Their sleeveless design keeps the body’s core warm while allowing unrestricted range of movement for various types of work. Western clothing still tends to use vests more for work attire rather than for formal wear. Vests migrated into formal wear for both fashion and practical reasons. The fitment of a vest provides the wearer with the leanest, slimmest line possible. With multiple buttons in front and usually a belted waist adjustment in back, vests tend to fit snugly and reduce bulges. On the practical side, vests serve to keep a man’s chest warm when wearing a jacket that has deep-cut lapels.

We offer western vests for men, women, and boys. We have leather vests, fringed vests, canvas vests, cotton, and satin vests.