Cowboy Duster – Range Coat


Duster, full length western cowboy riding coat

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Dusters, sometimes called range coats, were originally intended to protect horseback riders from the dust of the trail. Many dusters were treated as oilcloth to make them water resistant as well. Dusters have stayed in use through many applications. When automobiles debuted, passengers were typically exposed to the elements. Dusters kept clothing relatively clean during rides on dirt roads. This canvas duster is simply cut for a slimming profile while allowing enough room for holster, vest, or day coat to be worn underneath.

Duster, full length western canvas coat with split tail, seven-button front, collar button tab, flap pockets and front wind button flap. This duster features the typical waist high tail split that allows the tails to cover the rider’s legs while on horseback.

RW107 Cowboy Duster Sizing Chart – Proper fit is loose enough to wear a shirt, sweater, and jacket underneath and still be able to work from horseback. If worn as a fashion item, fitment can be considerably tighter. 4″ corduroy cuff can be worn at full length, folded, rolled, or tucked.

Medium Large X-Large XX-Large
Length 53″ (1346 mm) 56” (1422 mm) 57” (1448 mm) 57” (1448 mm) From base of collar
Sleeve 36” (915 mm) 37” (940 mm) 37” (940 mm) 38” (940 mm) including cuff
Cuff 4” (102 mm) 4” (102 mm) 4” (102 mm) 4” (102 mm)
Chest 50” (1320 mm) 52” (1320 mm) 54” (1372 mm) 56” (1372 mm)
Waist 50” (1320 mm) 52” (1320 mm) 54” (1372 mm) 56” (1372 mm)
Shoulder 21” (559 mm) 22” (559 mm) 23” (584 mm) 25” (584 mm) seam to seam

Dusters are almost always single-breasted and full cut with a modest flare. Although dusters are available in a variety of styles, the typical range coat is strongly associated with Western wear, the old west, gamblers, traveling frontier salesmen, ranch hands and gunslingers.

The natural canvas color (white) is also appropriate as an open touring car duster for period automobile enthusiasts, 1910 – 1930. Wear with a leather cap and goggles!

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